The 21 Best Email Finding Tools


Finding an email address is frequently the final step. You may know exactly who you want to contact, but you don’t have their contact information.  A valid email address is worth its weight in gold.

Some prospects have their email address published on one of their web profiles, making it simple to contact them.
To uncover email addresses for everyone else, you’ll have to do a little more digging.

We’ve scoured the web for the best email discovery tools – everything you need to source applicants more successfully – to make that detective much easier.

Here’s our official list of the 21 top email address-finding tools:

1. Hiretual

Free: 15 credits per month. Paid plans start at $59 per month

Hirtual works with all of the major sourcing sites (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook).
It’s a powerful chrome addon that not only retrieves email addresses, but also gathers extra data such as experience, seniority, and compensation range.

Hiretual also includes an AI-powered sourcing assistant.
You can submit your sourcing chores and the AI assistant will do the work for you while you sleep or sip your coffee.


2. Sellhack

Free: 10 credits per month. Paid plans start at $19 per month

This application, designed for sales teams, allows you to generate leads, identify emails, and create lead lists.
A 12-step email verification engine that finds the best email address for someone in real time is one of the features.


3. Datanyze Insider

Free: 10 credits. Insider FREE plan.

The Datanyze browser plugin includes a clever feature that allows you to find email addresses simply highlighting someone’s name everywhere it appears online.

The email finder then pings a number of different email addresses to determine which one is the most likely.

Datanyze Insider

4. ContactOut

Free: 100 credits. Paid plans available on enquiry

Personal email addresses and phone numbers are easy to find with ContactOut.
The tool verifies email addresses three times and has a 97 percent accuracy rate.

According to the firm, their extension can discover a personal email address for 65 percent of the Western world, and 30 percent of the Fortune 500 companies utilize it.


5. Voila Norbert

Free: 50 leads. Paid plans start at $.10 per lead

Norbert is a helpful helper who will help you uncover business email addresses and will provide you 50 free leads to try out the product.

It’s straightforward to use — no plugin is required — but there’s no check for catchall addresses, and the number of searches users may do is limited (to avoid the service being blocked by SMTP servers).


6. Find That Email

Free: 50 search credits, 100 verify credits per month. Paid plans start at $29 per month

You can search for emails individually or upload huge lists of prospects using the “Yellow Pages” of email.
Find That Email gets to work when users provide a candidate’s name and firm domain.

With so many email locating programs having troubles with accuracy, it’s encouraging to learn that this one claims to have a success rate of over 90%.

Find That Email

7. Lusha

Free: 5 credits per month. Paid starts at $25 per month

Lusha is mostly interested in locating personal email addresses (arguably a better channel to reach candidates than their business email.)
It doesn’t just provide email addresses; it also provides phone numbers for many prospects.


8. Hunter

Free: 150 credits per month. Paid plans start at €39 per month

Hunter is yet another popular tool for locating enterprise email addresses. It includes an email finder, domain search, and email verification (95 percent of verified emails are deliverable).

If you provide a target domain (for example, Twitter), Hunter will return as many confirmed emails for that domain as it can locate.


9. AnyMail Finder

Free: 20 credits. Paid plans start from £18 per month

Another tool for finding emails one by one or in mass.
When you enter your prospect’s name and company website, the tool will predict their email address and allow you to copy it with a single click.

Anymail analyzes billions of web pages and conducts direct server validation to find emails.
They only charge for successfully verified email addresses.


10. Headreach

Free: 10 credits. Paid plans start at $19 per month

You can search for prospects using Headreach by name, company, website, or job title.
You may grab their email and social accounts and add them to your contacts once you’ve identified a suitable prospect.


11. Prophet

Free: 15 credits per day. Paid plans available on enquiry

Another useful chrome plugin for finding email addresses, social accounts, and phone numbers is Prophet.
LinkedIn appears to have stopped operating recently, however contact information for candidates can still be found on several websites.


12. Rocketreach

Free: 5 credits per month. Paid plans start at $49 per month

Rocketreach maintains a database of over 250 million professionals from over 6 million businesses.
In a single search, you may obtain personal and work emails, phone numbers, and full profile information from 50+ websites.


13. Connectifier Auto Search

Free: None. Pricing available on request.

LinkedIn purchased Connectifier in 2016 and it now integrates with LinkedIn Recruiter. When you’re exploring a LinkedIn profile, the tool includes a web browser sidebar that appears. Users get access to more than 450 million email addresses, which is a sizable pool of talent.


14. Discoverly


When it comes to candidate outreach, context is key, and Discoverly is built to provide recruiters more context.
The tool collects social data from Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and displays it in a little sidebar in your email inbox.

When it comes to locating email addresses, the application asks you to enter a few different email combinations, and Discoverly selects the most likely ones.

15. Rapportive



Rapportive, like Discoverly, tells you all you need to know about people right in your inbox, using LinkedIn data to populate a handy sidebar.

Rapportive doesn’t find emails in the traditional sense, but there is a creative approach to getting it to work the way you want it to.
In the email composer’s “To” field, try a couple different variants of someone’s email.
Rapportive will display the proper email address once you’ve entered it.


16. Clearbit Connect

Free: 40 credits per month. Paid plans available on enquiry.

Another Gmail extension that allows you to search for someone’s email address immediately in the compose screen.
If you’re not a Gmail user, don’t worry; Clearbit also has a web browser utility.

Clearbit Connect

17. Conspire


Conspire is a unique email search engine.
The software looks through your contacts to see who might be able to introduce you to the person you’re trying to contact.

Simply search for the person or company you’re looking for after you’ve registered.
What follows is a lot of fun.
Conspire generates a relationship graph in your network that highlights persons with strong relationships to your target prospect.

The relationship graph is based on criteria such as frequency, speed, and the length of time they’ve communicated with one another.


18. Email for Corporations


It does pretty much what it says on the tin. This is a free database with email formats for over 1000 organizations (e.g. [email protected]). You can look for a company by name, industry, or location.

The database is primarily made up of larger, more established businesses. This is probably not the tool for you if you’re seeking for email patterns for newer organizations.

Email for Corporations

19. CEO Email Addresses


Looking for an email for a CEO? Look no further.

CEO Emails

20. Advanced Twitter Search


This is more of a technique than a tool for locating email addresses. On Twitter, people are constantly requested for their email address; advanced search can help you identify the last time a prospect responded to this request.

In the “All these phrases” area of advanced search, look for the terms (at) and (dot), and in the “From these accounts” section, type the Twitter handle of the candidate you’re interested in. (If you use the word “email,” you’ll wind up with a list of tweets about email.)

Twitter Advanced Search

21. Google


The “old fashioned” way. Google usually has the answer for your queries, sometimes it finds email addresses too.

Here are the search strings that you need to get started:

  • [name] + email (or) email address
  • [name] + contact (or) contact information (or) contact me
  • + [name] + email
  • + [name] + contact

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