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DNS Checker

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DNS Checker

DNS (Domain Name System) is a global system for translating domain names into IP addresses of sites. gives opportunity to make a server lookup to check a domain name's current IP address and the DNS. DNS Checker allows to check the website's current state after having changes in the domain's records. It provides an opportunity to find out all records from the DNS server for a specified domain or subdomain. It will be useful for determining the presence of a particular record on the DNS server and its value. It will also help to find out the TTL parameter. Specify domain or subdomain and the DNS server will be detected automatically.

When a user tries to access a web address such as "", their web-browser or application makes a query to the DNS server, passing it the site name (hostname). The DNS server converts the hostname into a numeric IP address (DNS to IP) that the web browser can connect to.

However, several IP addresses can correspond to one domain, for example, one for the site, and the other for the mail server. All relationships between the domain and IP addresses are written in a special file on the DNS server - a DNS zone file that contains various types of records:

  • A record - stores the hostname and its corelated IPv4 address.

  • AAAA record - stores the hostname and its corresponding IPv6 address.

  • NS record - Provides the addresses of the domain's DNS servers.

  • MX record - Specifies the SMTP email server for the domain.

  • TXT record - usually contains text notes or machine readable data, such as proof of ownership of the site, DKIM signature, DMARC identification, and so on.

  • SOA record - Indicates the primary DNS server, domain administrator contact information, serial number of DNS zone files and information about the frequency of queries that check for updates to DNS records.

  • CNAME record - used for aliases, for example, when redirecting an address from "www" to an address without "www".

So here is how provides a service of checking DNS records and allows you to quickly and conveniently receive information about the settings and values of DNS records of domain names. The information is provided to the visitor in a conveniently readable form and does not require absolutely any technical knowledge on the formation of external queries to DNS servers.