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Email Validation

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Email Validation

Sometimes it becomes necessary to find out if a certain email address actually exists or not. Here is 1001toolbox to help you out with this amazing small tool that basically allows you to find out email information. Our email-verifier tool allows you to check a selected email account without sending an email comfirmation and notification to inform that it's being analyzed.

All you need to do is just to enter your verified email in the form below and click the "validate" button. Our server contacts the remote server where this email address should be located and checks if it exists or not.

Checking the database of email addresses for validity is a mandatory step for many companies to do mass mailing. After all, it ensures the successful sending of letters and a high percentage of deliverability.

This tool does not guarantee 100% accuracy. In general, the result strongly depends on how the mail server is configured. For example, this tool works quite correctly with such popular services as or

Many companies need e-mail verification to send bulk emails and actively use email marketing for promotion. Checking the existence of email is carried out, when mailing is sent to the old database or there are returns of letters from the old subscribers' servers. When there is a high level of availability in mailing services, the reputation of the sender's domain grows up. Thanks to validation, your company will not be spammed or blocked.