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Image Alt Tags

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Image alt tags

Using images make the website look more attractive and helps to keep the visitors using it. But more important is that additional traffic may come to your site from image lookup in search engines like Google or Bing if you use the alt and title attributes of the <img> tag correctly.
101toolbox is here again to help with this issue. Putting your domain into the column with one click you get all the images together with their links. So basically you will have the opportunity to get the link of the picture and have access to edit it and add alt tags. 
Generally, the alt tags describe the image on a web page. It is found in the HTML code and usually does not appear on the page itself.  For SEO Google studies the words on a page to determine the topic of the page. For example, if a page mentions noodles, pizza and soup, Google will know that it contains information about food.
How is it related to images? The point is that sometimes the context is "hidden" in the images that Google cannot recognize. Using alt text helps the search engine "see" these images, which means better understanding of your page and its content. This means that you can drive traffic from Google Images.
In search engines, alt text is substantial part of image boosting. If the image is for design purposes and doesn't contain important information, then no need to add alt text to it. In addition to the alt attribute, you should also write text in the title attribute. This parameter sets auxiliary information about the image when the user hovers over the image.
The main task is to describe the images in words. The information that is already used in the context of the image shouldn't be repeated. For example, if you have a photo of "red apple" on your page, and “red apple” is written right below it, then you do not need to add this description to the alt text. Google already understands that this is a photo caption.
Advancing alt text is necessary for the website, but it is not the only thing for image boosting in search engine. You also need to correct the file names, adding responsive images and do much more. The main purpose of it is to give hints to users about the content of the viewed image.