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HTML Validator

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HTML Validator was founded to provide creative and informative tools that are available to all users worldwide to help everyone with any kind of website creation issues. 101toolbox offers tools on a wide range of different problems. We believe that with us you will be able to create websites that can be used by everyone having access to the Internet without thinking about browser type, platform, or settings.   
The HTML validator by 101toolbox is designed to check  the syntax of HTML and XHTML code. The tool checks the correctness of the HTML page code, highlights errors and gives recommendations on how to fix them. This dynamic custom syntax checking engine is specifically designed to check HTML issues. Validation is carried out by inserting the HTML code directly into the validation window. Generally it's called validation by direct input.  
The check is carried out for the correct spelling of tags, attributes and some of their values, correct nesting and closing of tags, as well as the content model of HTML elements since each one can contain only a certain list of tags. This validator is quite simple, and the HTML code can be checked only on one page and will not redirect you to another one by saving your time. 
This validator does not check HTML for the semantics of the code, that is, for the consistency of its structuring. The validity of the code determines how a page or web application will look in different browsers and on different operating systems. For the most part, valid code displays predictably in many browsers and loads faster than invalid. Validity affects the perception of pages and sites by search engines.
HTML validator by 101toolbox will save you time and help you to find out your website issues with the guarantee of your privacy as we won't send your HTML codes over the Internet. This tool also has functionality to work offline and no Internet access is required.
Validation tool is for everyone who needs to check the website's HTML for developers, companies, individuals, students. It's guaranteed to take only a minute to give you all you need for your website. For the next page, you can click the reset button and put another HTML code.