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Check IP Domain Blacklist

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Check IP Domain Blacklist

How to check if your IP domain is blacklisted?

101toolbox is providing feature where now you can check to see if your IP address is listed on an anti-spam database. You can find your IP address right from "What is my IP address?" tool.
Here with "Check IP Domain Blacklist" tool you can check if your domain is included in the DNS Black List (DNSBL - Domain Name Service Black List).

After you enter your domain and click check, you will see the list of the global databases that show blacklisted IP addresses with green and red icons for the corresponding status.

If you do not use special services for sending bulk emails, you will have to check if your domain is on the blacklist. Email platforms take care of the sender's reputation and only use reliable servers.

The result of the DNSBL check will be useful for your further work. If problems are found, you will find out the reason for your site is included in one or several blacklisting servers and will be able to quickly eliminate it.
Basically, domain appears on the list for the purpose of "clarification". For the beginning you need to go to the page of the desired blacklist, then, following the suggested instructions, enter the name of your domain and select the "Unblock" function. Sometimes it is required to send a letter stating a request to remove a site from the black list. However, before you write it, you must first eliminate the reason for the ban.

For example, if there is suspicion of spamming, check to see if your server is being used by someone else for this purpose. Check the settings of your mail server: - Reverse DNS zone, Prohibiting sending mail without authorization, And also highly desirable DKIM and SPF. Such measures may be sufficient to prevent your site from being spammed anymore.