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Check Domain Downtime

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Check domain downtime

Before purchasing a domain, you need to conduct a complete analysis of it. This step should be taken seriously because in the future it can bring not only great time costs but also financial ones. provides the easiest way for checking website status whether it's online or offline. Here's how our domain downtime checker works:

-First, you should submit the URL in the line.
-Afterwards, in order to test the website availability, you can check it and export CSV file (Comma-Separated Values).
The results will let you know whether to use a particular domain or not. provides this tool, to help you to monitor if your website is expired, online working or is not existing at all.

With the wrong domain name, you can face numbers of difficulties. For example, a domain may be subject to sanctions or filters, and as a result, all your hard work on the site will have zero results. It is important to remember that if a domain is for sale and is free, this does not mean that it was not previously used or it can't go to become offline again. On forums and communities for webmasters, there is a huge amount of discussions of registration of "unsuccessful" domains.

Many experts believe that the best option is to purchase a clean domain that has no history. Such a domain name allows you to track the efficiency of work as accurately as possible and builds website promotion right from it's skeleton.