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Image compress

Image optimizer provided by 101tools uses effective combinations for compression algorithms to reduce the size of JPEG and PNG images to the lowest possible level. Too large jpg, png and gif files are slowing down your site. When you use image compress for free via 101tollbox, the only thing that will change is the file size. Compression will take place instantly in front of your eyes with uploading files to our server or just dragging the file link. Download the compressed images all at once in a common ZIP archive. The result will be ready in literally less than 1 second.
Smaller images load faster and appear faster on the computer display when a website loads. Sharing quality images has never been easier! Compress your PNGs and share quickly on any platform.
This tool supports multiple image formats using best-in-class and most advanced compression algorithms tailored to each image individually. In many cases, this results in more than 90% compression of standard images.
The smoothening effect on the images has a vital effect on the compression ratio and can be the “quality criterion” of the final image, expressed as a percentage from 0% (worst) to 100% (best).
When quantizing, the Image compress tool selects values that are optimized to reject high-frequency noise, in which the human eye is less sensitive to any loss of information.
Together with 101toolbox you can maintain graphics quality and improve website loading speed. Our compression method is faster. This way, you do not waste valuable time.