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Word Counter

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WordCounter Counter Online

Word Counter online tool will help to count words, symbols and analysis the spending time to read the text. provides this online service to help you to determine not only the number of words in the text but also the number of characters with the time how much you spend to read the particular text. To start counting, simply enter or paste text in the appropriate field and the result will appear immediately.
This tool is often used by writers creating new masterpieces, students working on abstracts, keyboard workers and for everyone who just wants to count the word quantity in the text. You can safely use this program to count words in your text. Our online calculator comes in handy for database creation, grammar research, translations, dictionaries, copywriting and more.
Unlike many similar "character readers" our online service calculates the number of characters in the text without sending the text to the server in the browser.
As you can see, in order to count the number of characters in the printed text, you do not need to poke your fingers into the monitor and count manually. It is enough to enter or copy text into the text field and you will instantly find out how many letters and other symbols there are. It is often necessary to count the number of characters in an article when your're payed for particular quantity like for example copywriters or content writers do. strives to make the tools as accurate as possible for everyone.