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Date Converter

The current Unix epoch time is

Convert timestamp to human-readable date

Convert Human date to timestamp

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What is Date converter?

Date converter is one of our free online tools which you can use to convert human-readable date to each time or vice versa.

This tool converts epoch or Unix timestamp into a readable date. It also lets you do the inverse. So basically it converts a human-readable date into an epoch/Unix timestamp. It also displays the current epoch/Unix timestamp in seconds and also milliseconds.

The method of storing time in the form of certain seconds is very convenient to use while comparing dates and for storing dates: if necessary, they can be converted into any readable format. Date and time in this format also take up very little space (4 or 8 bytes, depending on the size of the machine word), so it is reasonable to use it for storing large amounts of dates. Disadvantages in date converter results can be manifested by very frequent reference to date elements, such as the number of the month, weeks, etc. But in most cases, it is more efficient to store time as a single value, rather than a set of fields.

Now let's start with epoch, also known as Unix timestamps. It's the number of seconds (not milliseconds!) that have been established on January 1, 1970, at 00:00:00 GMT (1970-01-01 00:00:00 GMT). Basically, the Unix time epoch is considered 0 starting from midnight 1/1/1970. So, it's the number of seconds that have passed since midnight January 1, 1970, to the present time. Some systems gather epoch dates which have a 32-bit integer. Possibly this can cause problems on January 19, 2038, known as the problem of Y2038. On that day Unix time will reach 2147483648, and computer systems can interpret this number as negative.

All tools on date converter page are based on the date & time settings of your computer and use JavaScript to convert times. Some browsers use the current DST (Daylight Saving Time) rules for all dates in history.

In various programming languages, date objects make use of epoch as a starting point from which they figure out the inner date value. For example, in Java, the class is set with the number of milliseconds that have been expired since epoch.

Date converter will be useful for webmasters who constantly deal with large amounts of dates or often refer to their elements in their work. Using the "Date Converter" tool right from, you can easily convert Unix time to a user-friendly date (and vice versa), find out the current Unix epoch time, and get Unix time in various programming languages operating systems.