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WHOIS Lookup

A Whois domain lookup gives opportunity to follow the ownership of a domain name. It's like the example of all buildings in the city which are registered within a governing authority. All domain name registries hold information data about each purchased domain through them, starting with who owns it, ownership and contact information,  nameserver information of the domain, till the date it has been purchased or when it expires. With Whois lookup provided by, you can also contact an organization or find out the person whose domain you are interested in.
Information may vary, but in most cases, Whois is providing the followings.
⦁    registrar name
⦁    site administrator (can be specified or hidden, depending on the domain zone- de, uk, ru, ua,am etc.)
⦁    domain registration and expiration
⦁    ways to contact the administrator if the contact details are open
⦁    DNS servers
If you need to find information by the IP address of the site, and not by the domain, then you should use the Whois IP address service. In terms of capabilities, it is absolutely identical with regular Whois provided by
In case your information doesn't match with the Whois results, you can change it by getting in touch with your domain registry who will help you in updating your information. Once this information is updated, the Whois record will also update accordingly. Usually it takes a day or two for this change to reflect in the Whois database.
Checking the domain registration date is important not only while buying the domain name, but in general, the information about the terms of domain registration is useful for making deals, choosing partners and simply analyzing information posted on the Internet. Fraudsters often create disposable websites for deals. But to have a newly registered domain means that in any case, it should be to analysed for clear history.
In Whois it's a complicated process to find out who owns the domain. Usually, personal data is protected right at registration process or is hidden under the rules of registries. Trusting open data is also insecure, as domain administrators can provide false information while registering a name. But even if you do not know who owns the domain, the registry service makes it possible to contact the owner of the domain name through forums or feedback forms.