What is the Best SQL Query Tool for Mac?


When you hear the term “most widely used relational database,” what comes to mind? We’re sure you’d name MySQL, which is battling Oracle Database for top place in the database rankings.

MySQL will be the second most used database in 2021.

MySQL is preferred by software engineers, backend developers, DevOps engineers, and other IT professionals for a variety of reasons. They like MySQL because of its low barrier to entry, flexibility, great performance, active community that constantly supports and develops new features, and good security attributes. Instead of using a console to interact with SQL databases on the Mac, developers use Mac OS MySQL client tools.

The SQL client for Mac OS has a user-friendly interface and visual representation of instructions that helps developers work faster.

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From our handpicked list, here are some handy SQL clients for Mac OS.

SQLPro Studio

SQLPro Studio is a Mac OS MySQL client that is both lightweight and feature-rich.

You can use this program to administer many database management systems, cloud databases, and SQL-type databases at the same time, including MariaDB and Oracle.

Under the hood of SQLPro Studio, you’ll find other outstanding features like:

  • Ability to choose and edit content in multiple tables at once, as well as obtain results.
  • Errors and code inconsistencies are highlighted by this SQL formatting and syntax checker.
  • To save time when composing commands, use the auto-complete tool.
  • Because the software does not require Java, it runs extremely quickly.
  • With many dark mode themes, the UI is elegant and easy.
  • Manual tunneling to production systems is no longer necessary thanks to SSH tunneling.
  • Technical assistance as soon as possible, as well as regular upgrades and problem patches.


This tool is recommended for software development teams who work with a variety of databases, including SQL.

You can streamline your usual work with SQLPro Studio thanks to extensive formatting tools, fast speed, and the ability to manage many databases at the same time.

SQLPro for SQLite

“This tool is value for money,” claims one of the most popular SQLPro for SQLite reviews.

In truth, this straightforward tool aids you in a variety of database management duties.

SQLPro for SQLite comes with significant customization features out of the box, allowing you to create a pleasant working environment with tables and schemas tailored to your specific requirements.

Multiple filters and sorting make it easier to find what you need quickly, eliminating human labor.

Other features of this Mac OS MySQL client include:

  • Queries that are regularly used are saved and managed.
  • JSON, MySQL, CSV, and XML formats are available for export.
  • Syntax and error marking, as well as IntelliSense auto-complete.
  • Using many inquiries at the same time.
  • Data auto-recovery and versioning system built-in.
SQL tool
SQL tool


This application looks a much like SQLPro Studio.

This is a lightweight yet powerful all-in-one SQL client for Mac OS that allows you to handle several DBMSs and databases at the same time while also enhancing your development experience with syntax highlighting and error detection.


TablePlus’s elegant and minimalistic UI will entice you to become a regular user of this Mac OS MySQL client.

On Mac OS X, you may connect to a number of databases, including PostgreSQL, Oracle, Redis, Amazon Redshift, and MariaDB, and benefit from fast connections, multi-step authorisation, and native libssh/TLS encryption.

SQL tool
SQL tool


TablePlus allows you to operate in numerous tabs or windows at the same time.

With inline editing, data filtering, auto-complete, code highlighter, and results display, the user interface is designed to be simple and straightforward.

To switch between databases, tables, views, and other objects, you can use a handy quick jump menu.

This is an excellent option for developers looking for a Mac OS MySQL client with a simple UI and just the necessary number of functionality to deal with several relational databases at the same time while maintaining excellent app performance.


This SQL client for Mac OS has a name that speaks for itself.

Base is a beautiful and straightforward table-like interface that is easy to use even for SQL rookies.

Moreover, Base comes with other practical features:

  • SQLITE editor that allows you to create and edit tables and fields.
  • Built-in SQL view. 
  • Export to XML that comes in handy for mobile development.
  • Testing of SQL queries.
SQL tool
SQL tool

Overall, when it comes to quickly designing and testing new schemas, rapid navigation over schema and data, SQL testing, and reporting, Base is the way to go.

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