How the IoT is Promoting Growth in the Micro Data Center


As consumers and businesses embrace the benefits of the Internet of Things (IoT), the globe enters yet another era of technological growth.

IoT gadgets are all over the place. From smart locks and alarms to cameras that can access remotely the global demand for the newest ‘thing’ has never been higher.

With this proclivity for technological growth comes a specific problem: data generation and how to transport and store it.

While personal demands account for a piece of this, enterprises adopting IoT devices into their business models and procedures account for the vast majority of demand.

Bandwidth, Speed & Latency: Why Micro Data Centers are the Answer

Data generated by IoT consumes a lot of bandwidth. ‘A lot’ refers to a staggering amount of data that historical storage methods were never handle. The exponential growth of data poses a logistical difficulty. As the Internet of Things is built on the concept of immediate data transfer. Because centralized storage was never designed with this in mind, a massive shift is about to occur in order to keep up with demand.

The micro data center (MDC) is a small data center… In tandem with edge computing, the world is waking up to a solution that not only meets the growing data storage and transport needs, but also provides a slew of environmental benefits.

So, let’s start with the logistics, which include bandwidth and latency. The term “latency” refers to the time it takes for data to transfer. As you may expect, the more data that must be moved from one location to another, the slower it becomes.

While this is usually with milliseconds. It may not seem like much, even a small break in transmission might have disastrous consequences on a drone flight or the reaction of a self-driving car, for example.

Data must travel thousands of miles to be processed in the present, most widely utilized type of centralized cloud storage. Edge computing, together with the utilization of localized micro data centers, allows this data to stay close to its source of origination. This allows for fast analysis and response to whatever information generates.

Consider what happens if a toddler runs in front of a self-driving car. The brakes deploy immediately and without delay because this verifies in real time.

This is an extreme example. However it highlights the necessity for a specialized solution to enable for new, automated procedures to meet IoT growth need.

The Many Advantages of Micro Data Centres

MDCs are already being into the business models of a number of significant corporations. The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated traditional bandwidth limitations and performance, as stay-at-home demand for streaming services has skyrocketed.

Data can be into subsections at the source, or at the “edge”. And only that will travel further. The rest will safely store, with corporations being able to scale up extra capacity as needed by simply adding more units.

Micro data centers provide a number of advantages to businesses. These are some of them:

  • Reducing or removing latency for data analysis.

  • Scalability for company needs. Easily add an MDC as data storage requirements increase.

  • Removing the need for costly data storage rooms. Not only do these take up valuable real estate, but they require continuous and expensive cooling for efficient and safe operation.

  • Quick to implement. MDCs can typically be in a matter of weeks, as opposed to the years of planning that a traditional server room takes to put in place.

  • Cost efficient and green. MDCs cost up to 60% less to run than a traditional server room. Not only does this drive down running costs, it also demonstrates business commitment to their environmental responsibilities.

  • Quiet and compact. With a single MDC being the size of a refrigerator and offering virtually silent operation. Even the smallest of enterprises can house them on their premises.

The mini data center is a long-awaited breakthrough that has taken many years to develop. Businesses in more typical places are increasingly reaping the benefits of proven technology that¬† successfully implements in some of the world’s hardest situations.
MDCs are being integrated into every aspect of business, from the smallest start-up that requires a single unit located within the typical working environment to corporate giants like Google and Microsoft.

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