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WordPress Password Generator

Wordpress password generator

Wordpress password generator is of the simplest online password generators which can generate a single occasional password or lists of passwords. Just with one click, you choose the character sets, password length and the quantity of passwords you want to create. Hash values can also be created according to your wishes. Wordpress password generator by is useful both for getting a random password as in personal use or for generating a list of random passwords.
WordPress and Joomla as content management systems are not storing user passwords in clear texts, but they do it in the form of hashes in the database.
There are times when the password of a particular account is lost and cannot be obtained because it is impossible to obtain the password from the hash. But the password can be reset. One of the ways of resetting password is to replace the hash of the password in the database with a hash from a previously known password. For this, you can use this form of generating a hash based on the entered password, you just need to select for which system the password is generated and enter it.
WordPress uses the MD5 hash algorithm by default. If you have not changed this default behaviour, then you can safely use this generator, since it receives exactly the MD5 hash using the wp_hash_password function. In the case of Joomla, there are 2 variants of hashes - before version 3.2 Joomla also used an MD5 hash, and in newer versions, they introduced a password hash based on the built-in PHP BCrypt.
 And, if you have the "Strong Passwords" option enabled in Joomla, then the password hash will be generated based on Bcrypt. However, in the new versions of Joomla, you don't have to worry about which hash to generate, since the system determines the type of hash, based on its length and will be able to understand itself which algorithm was used to create the hash.
All in all, by using this tool, you can easily convert a password to its hash sum or hash code,  and it can be used in order to set a new password directly in the WordPress MySQL database.