How to Fix ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL in Chrome?

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It might be aggravating to be unable to access a website. Especially if you are presented with an error message you don’t understand.
The ‘ERR SPDY PROTOCOL ERROR,’ for example, is a common problem you could run into while surfing the web.

While this message may appear to be intimidatingly sophisticated and complicated at first glance, it is actually quite straightforward. It’s a lot easier to fix a problem if you know what it signifies. There are a few fast tactics you may employ once you know what you’re working with.

We’ll go through what the SPDY protocol is in Google Chrome and what the ERR SPDY PROTOCOL ERROR implies in this post. Then we’ll look at five different ways to correct the problem.

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An Introduction to SPDY in Google Chrome

Before we get into what the ERR SPDY PROTOCOL ERROR notice means and how to fix it, it’s important to first understand what SPDY is. SPDY is a Google Chrome networking technology in a nutshell.

SPDY was developed to aid in the security of HTTP-enabled web pages.
HTTP is a web protocol that allows browsers and servers to communicate and connect with one another.
The’s’ in SPDY stands for’speedy,’ and it refers to the protocol’s goal of improving web page loading times and lowering latency.

Some additional benefits of SPDY include:

  • Lower bandwidth usage
  • Improved performance
  • Better User Experience (UX)

SPDY alters web traffic and data after it leaves the server, hence reducing bandwidth use. As a result, consumers may have a speedier experience. It can also assist in the resolution of several common HTTP issues. HTTP, for example, can only retrieve one thing at a time, whereas SPDY can download numerous files at once.

Understanding the ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR in Chrome

Some of the error messages you get when surfing the web suggest that the site you’re attempting to reach has a problem. They can also indicate a problem with the operating system you’re using.


The good news is that this suggests the mistake was not caused by a problem with the website. It also helps you narrow down the source of the problem, getting you closer to a solution.

The bad news is that there is clearly an issue with the browser you’re using. This problem could affect not only the site you’re trying to use right now, but others in the future as well.

The SPDY protocol is built into Chrome, as we previously stated. As a result, the ERR SPDY PROTOCOL ERROR issue is unique to Chrome. Other browsers will not be affected (although most other browsers have their own version of this error message).

The SPDY protocol is no longer supported in the browser when the ERR SPDY PROTOCOL ERROR error displays, indicating that the web page you’re trying to view is unavailable.
This is most likely to happen when you try to access a Google-owned website, such as Gmail or YouTube.
It is also possible that it occurs on unrelated websites.

How to Fix the ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR in Chrome (5 Methods)

It’s time to learn how to fix the ERR SPDY PROTOCOL ERROR notice now that you know what it is.
Let’s look at five different approaches.


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